Monday Brunch



Time and time again, Monday Mimosa has had the worst luck in love. After being taken advantage by an artist in her gallery, Monday retreats into the landscape of her mind to understand what, why, and how she gets herself in these messes.
An art world narrative on the surface, the story unfolds the emotional and mental difficulties of facing the toxic elements that plague our lives and trying move forward from them.


Main Characters


Monday Mimosa

A polished yet short tempered gallerist who's life is upended by a surprise art show that puts her reality into disarray.


Kristoff Kane

Krystle's husband. Energetic artist who is having an affair with Monday. A personable fellow with selfish motives at times.



Monday’s imaginary friend who claims to be her conscience. M takes Monday's place when Monday's attacks happen again.


Natasha Vatrushka
Monday's gallery administrator. Meek and reserved but never takes non-sense.


Krystle Muesli

Kristoff's fiance. Famed TV actress and artist who separates after knowing his affair. Superficial at times, she is sweet at the core.

Socrates Scones

Best friend and confident Brunch buddy, Socrates.


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