The Persistence of Monday



Monday De Renne enjoys a glamorous life in San Francisco's art scene until her life is upended when she is surprised featured at a (rather suggestive) art show that begins to twist and distort her reality. Fighting to sustain her composure and with the life she painstakingly built, is it worth the trauma to keep it going?

As an art world narrative on the surface, the story unfolds into an exploration of the outward motives we use to mask the insecurities and loneliness we keep hidden inside.


Main Characters


Monday De Renne

A polished yet short tempered gallerist who's life is upended by a surprise art show that puts her reality into disarray.


Kristoff Kaine

Krystle's husband. Energetic artist who is having an affair with Monday. A personable fellow with selfish motives at times.



Monday’s imaginary friend who claims to be her conscience. M takes Monday's place when Monday's attacks happen again.


Natasha Ivanovna

Monday's best friend. Meek and reserved but never takes non-sense. Originally from Moscow, she is the gallery's administrator.


Terrance Williams

Art consultant and loving father, Terrance keeps the moral ground at the gallery. An avid pianist, he actively plays in a jazz ensemble.


Whitney Oppenheimer

Gallery owner and Monday's employer. She is a bubbly woman with a solid sense of direction who also treats her staff like family.


Krystle Kaine

Kristoff's wife. Famed TV actress and artist who separates after knowing his affair. Superficial at times, she is sweet at the core.


Alice Oppenheimer

Whitney’s niece, a hardworking yet bashful gallery intern seeking direction in life. She looks up to Monday as a role model.


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